Gérance Robert Crot & Cie

Gérance Robert Crot & Cie

Values you can trust.

Founded in the late 1940s by the Lausanne-based notary Robert Crot, Gérance Robert Crot & Cie has gained the loyalty of a demanding clientele over the years, thanks to effective property management with a long-term strategy.

Through its work and its values, but above all thanks to its team of staff, Gérance Robert Crot & Cie has been able to forge solid bonds of trust with all the parties involved in the real estate sector. A key player in Lausanne, the company has gradually expanded its activity to other regions in the Canton of Vaud.

Gérance Robert Crot & Cie dedicates most of its resources to the management of real estate assets and the administration of condominiums (PPE administration) and seeks to protect its clients from the risk of conflicts of interest.

By listening attentively to owners and analysing each situation on an individual basis, it places the customer front and centre of everything it does on a daily basis.

Motivated and, in some cases, highly-qualified employees support property owners by providing sound advice in the key areas of real estate ownership. These include, among other things, building technology and environmental issues, accounting, financial recovery and value estimation.

A trusted partner and proven savoir-faire

Gérance Robert Crot & Cie has been managed for nearly 20 years by Nicolas Daïna, a forestry engineer with a degree from the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Zurich and holder of a federal certificate in competence as a property surveyor. Ludovic Butticaz, assistant manager for the past 15 years and the holder of a certificate of aptitude as a debt enforcement and bankruptcy officer, as well as the federal certificate for building management, provides customers with a high level of skills in the administrative and financial fields.

The company has been able to develop its business while maintaining a lean and efficient profile, with 25 employees who are regularly offered training to top up their skills.

Gérance Robert Crot & Cie prides itself on remaining a company on a human scale, promoting frequent contact with both landlords and tenants, and also with the co-owners of condominiums. This structure speeds up communication and secures the process while increasing the chances of defusing the inevitable conflicts between renters or between the co-owners.

In an environment characterised by fierce competition, Gérance Robert Crot & Cie is primarily recognised for its skills and the stability of its management. It has thus been able to assemble a clientele of individuals, institutions and public authorities who place their confidence in the company day after day.

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