Dr. Tatjana Malesevic

Dr. Tatjana Malesevic

The Aesthetic Swiss Clinic

The temple of aesthetic medicine in the heart of Nyon

Dr. Tatjana Malesevic, an FMH specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy, founded the Aesthetic Swiss Clinic in 2015 and specialises in aesthetic medicine, anti-aging and well-being. Known in the medical community and by her patients for her kindness, her professionalism and her discretion, her aesthetic clinic is based on the premise that outer beauty and inner beauty are complementary and fundamental to mental well-being and self-esteem.
« We need beauty to experience the life within us differently, to be present to ourselves in a fuller and more complex way. Beauty helps us to welcome the movement of life within us. » Charles Pepin

High-performance, customised aesthetic medicine

The doctors at the Aesthetic Swiss Clinic, who are specialists in beauty, attach great importance to listening to patients in order to work out the best approach with regard to their needs.
To help each client and/or patient feel beautiful and love their figure, the clinic offers a wide range of high-performance therapies using the best non-invasive techniques, including PRP (platelet-rich plasma) treatment, ultrasound lifting, Microneedling, Thermage, photorejuvenation, Jetpeel, Alexandrite, Nd:Yag and GENESIS lasers.
Dr. Malesevic and her team of professionals also offer rejuvenation, health and firming of the skin, permanent hair removal, procedures for cellulite, wrinkles and skin imperfections, renewal of the epidermis etc.
In addition, the men and women of Nyon can benefit from treatments to enhance their eyes and all the usual services of a beauty and well-being centre – such as massages, facial treatments and electrolysis.

Make an appointment with beauty

The Aesthetic Swiss Clinic is a highly specialised establishment at the cutting edge of technology.
Situated just a short walk from Nyon train station, right next to the castle, at 17 Ruelle des Moulins, there are four floors entirely dedicated to beauty and well-being.
It’s the place to go to for beauty in Nyon - so make an appointment!

For more information, call 021 519 09 64.
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