Golaz, a family firm founded in 1910, presents its vision for jewellery of the future.
By father and son Olivier and Valentin Golaz.

Driven by his passion and commitment, Valentin has helped turn the family business from a multi-brand jewellery store into a design company dedicated to the creation of unique and ethically-sourced pieces.
Father and son are in agreement that designing a piece of jewellery is synonymous with passion, commitment and kindness, and that a bespoke item of jewellery is the most wonderful gift you can give - either to someone else or to yourself.

As the company has been passed down through the generations, it has been able to develop its skills and techniques for manufacturing high-class jewellery. It offers individual 3D design, resin models for fittings, an online wedding ring configurator and many other innovative services aimed at giving the customer an immersive and personalised experience.

Golaz has been working towards sustainability in its area of expertise for several years now, using ethically-sourced materials such as Max Havelaar fairtrade gold, diamonds from Canada and fascinating rubies from Greenland.
Ensuring it sources its stones with the utmost care, the company is constantly seeking new partners that share its vision for sustainable jewellery, sensitive to the issues of our time. To this end, Golaz works with firms like the Arctic Diamond Company, Petramundi Essence Gem, or Greenland Ruby, all members of the RJC 1 .

Precious stones grown in the laboratory are also central to Golaz’s vision, which make it possible to acquire wonderful gems identical to mined stones, of incomparable purity, and above all with unprecedented eco-social transparency. The natural crystallisation process of stones, at extreme temperatures and pressures underground, is reproduced in a laboratory. This helps to control the growth environment and forms very pure coloured crystals. The laboratories that Golaz works with share its vision of ethical and sustainable development in jewellery. They use wind and solar energy to manufacture stones in a way that respects people and the planet.

These ethical choices are the foundations on which Golaz bases its modern jewellery concept - unique items of jewellery that combine technology, values for our times and artisan tradition to offer infinite possibilities.

Are you dreaming of an original, unique and ethically created item of jewellery? Do you want to delight someone with a tailor-made gift? Get in touch with Maison Golaz design in Morges, where you can be sure of a warm welcome as we listen carefully to your every wish and turn your dreams into reality.

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