How to have beautiful hair every day, whatever the season. Lionel Brandao, founder of Lionel B haute coiffure salon in Nyon, has some advice for readers.

Lionel, who prides himself on providing the best service and latest trends in colouring, cutting and styling for his clients, agreed to share some professional tips and techniques with our readers for hair that is in beautiful condition and able to withstand the ravages of daily life.

“As a professional, I won’t be passing on any way-out remedies to your readers - like some young people on social media - advising them to dip their hair in olive oil or butter, or to use products that are not certified, analysed or clinically and dermatologically tested,” said Lionel. “I'm going to tell them about the tried and tested treatments that exist in Switzerland, that we offer at our salon in Nyon, and that are recognised worldwide for their efficacy and safety.”

What do you recommend for hair that is brittle and damaged by extreme bleaching, or chemical straightening? I strongly recommend OLAPLEX deep treatment, because of its ability to rebuild the hair. It is a patented formula that targets broken bonds in the hair caused by chemical, thermal or mechanical damage. It repairs the hair and restores shine. Not only does it restructure the hair, but it forms a protective barrier, significantly reducing breakage, and is suitable for all hair types: natural, frizzy, straight, curly, thick, coloured, bleached, very damaged, dry, etc.
At the salon, we use it as a deep treatment, we add it to our colouring or bleaching, balayage, highlights, glosses, straightening and smoothing treatments. But it can also be used at home.

What should you use to moisturise dull hair that lacks shine?

The go-to product to preserve the natural hydration of the hair is SEBASTIAN CELLOPHANES treatment. This is an ultra-glossy formula that restores shine to each strand of hair. Also, if you want a translucent colour, it will add a mesmerising sheen, in shades from espresso to ice blond, caramel, chocolate, vanilla or honey! We use this treatment in the salon because it is gentle on the hair and gives protection without weighing it down, protects against UV rays from the sun, and is suitable for all hair types, whether natural, coloured, bleached or highlighted. I also recommend it because it is not a harsh product and contains no ammonia or oxidising products, but is based on oriental spices and rice protein.

Is there a specific treatment to protect the shine of coloured hair?

My team and I really enjoy working with COLOR COMPLETE from MOROCCANOIL. It protects the shine of coloured hair and keeps it in beautiful condition by shielding it from all the factors that can make it dull on a daily basis. Using this treatment ensures the colour lasts longer while nourishing the hair. It's a ritual that begins in the salon during the colour and/or gloss service and can of course be continued at home (with shampoo, conditioner and protective styling spray), which helps prolong and protect the colour, as well as helping to repair the hair between visits to the salon.
We recommend this product at Lionel B because PRIME, POST and all three home beauty aftercare products contain the patented ingredient ArganID. These microcapsules of argan oil are drawn deep into the hair fibre (cortex), enabling them to repair it and lock colour into the hair.

What's your advice for people who have voluminous, frizzy or unruly hair and want to have it chemically straightened?

I recommend Luxury Smoother SPA from INNOVATIS, which is a rejuvenating treatment, including for hair that is difficult to comb and is lacking in shine and vitality etc.
Thanks to its patented complex of natural enzymes, this treatment provides effective smoothing, a silky finish and incredible shine. I always recommend it at the salon, as it's sulphate-free, formaldehyde-free and paraben-free - it’s a straightening treatment that cares for the hair fibre!
It’s perfect for clients who want to temporarily change the texture and visual appearance of their hair.
Once you know what its active ingredients are, you’ll be an instant convert :
*amino acid complex : has an anti-ageing and regenerating effect;
*collagen : a natural protein that improves the elasticity and resistance of the hair;
*keratin protein : nourishes and rebuilds the hair fibre;
*silk protein : which accentuates the smoothing effect, hydrates and brings a velvety finish to the hair.
If you want to know more about the treatments recommended by Lionel, visit his website and go to the specific treatments section. You can also scan this page with the Communemag application to quickly access the information you want.

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