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net+ Léman

net+ Léman’s dynamism has so impressed SEFA SA (Société électrique des forces de l’Aubonne) and SEIC SA (Société électrique intercommunale de La Côte) that they have chosen it to market their business products in 2023.

Exclusive interview with Rémy Bonacorsi, business operations manager for the partnership.

What is the purpose of this partnership?
For all three partners, this is a move that aims to improve the professionalism and concentration of human and commercial resources in the sale of business products to companies, in areas served by SEFA SA and SEIC SA.
The aim, in a nutshell, is to focus the team efforts in 2023 on acquiring new corporate customers.

Which areas are being targeted?
We will be working in the SEFA SA and SEIC SA multimedia distribution communes, which are:
Allaman, Aubonne, Ballens, Begnins, Berolle, Bière, Bougy-Villars, Buchillon, Bursinel , Bursins, Burtigny, Coinsins, Duillier, Dully, Essertines, Etoy, Féchy, Gilly, Gimel, Gland, Lavigny, Longirod, Luins, Mollens, Montricher, Mont-sur-Rolle, Perroy, Prangins, Saubraz,St-Livre, St-Oyens, Tartegnin, Vich and Vinzel.

What is each partner’s role?
net+ Léman will be in charge of promoting business products using the most high-tech marketing tools, in partnership with the most visible regional media. We will also be responsible for winning and retaining new customers, the management and coordination of projects, and the administration side, that is to say giving quotes, drawing up contracts and customer billing. Finally, we will be in charge of maintaining the IT tools used in managing the business.
SEFA SA and SEIC SA, for their part, will install internet connections for future clients, send us any background information about future clients, and provide us with a list of customers that can be connected in their respective service areas. They are also responsible for the maintenance and development of fibre or cable networks depending on the service area.

What products are marketed by net+ Léman?
We offer the wide range of products listed in our net+ Léman Business Catalogue. However, in some cases, and to cater for specific customer needs, we may provide non-catalogue, custom-made products.

What are the advantages of net+ Léman for businesses?
Businesses are at the heart of what we do. Our specialists are on hand for all our business customers for any requests specific to their companies. The proximity of a regional operator allows for personalised contact with customers. At net+ Léman, we don't have a hotline or endless automated replies. We are geographically very close to our customers, and we make their requests our priority. Because we know that the Internet is an essential service, our technicians are on hand and ready to step in at any time!

When will the partnership begin, and how long will it last?
It came into being in March 2023. We have already planned various promotional campaigns locally and set up an action plan. After a year, a review will take place to assess how it is working and to decide what to do next. We are already convinced of the effectiveness of our partnership and its beneficial effect on the development of our business products.

Personally, in my capacity as business operations manager for the project, I am very enthusiastic about the idea of allowing as many local businesses as possible to discover our great offers and the high-performance products and services we dedicate to them.
We are convinced that this partnership will make 2023 a positive one for many companies, including net+ Léman, SEFA and SEIC!

To find out more about net+ Léman business solutions dedicated to companies in the region, get in touch with Rémy Bonacorsi on 079 357 70 10 or email him at: