Richard Beer

Richard Beer

For all your roofing work, tinsmithing, facades, waterproofing and lightning rod installation.

With branches in Morges, Aubonne and Bremblens, this dynamic local company has been working in the La Côte region for more than 35 years. Now run by Charles Tzaut, who was trained by Rudolf Beer himself, this professional team continues to offer a high-quality level of service in its many areas of expertise.


Copper, titanium or stainless steel plating, skylights, ventilation trim, chimneys, solar panels, Velux and drain pipes.


Under-roof insulation for new properties or renovations, calculating thermal performance, roofing tiles, Eternit, slates, installation of Velux and roof windows and anti-moss treatment.


Ventilated facades, insulation, facades made of Eternit, wood or other materials.


Flexible waterproofing of flat roofs (Contec, Sarnafil, resin), green roofs, slabs and gravel, insulation.

Lightning rods

Installations (dealership) of lightning conductors, for public and private establishments, as well as for protected buildings.

R.Beer SA also offers maintenance services for all its installations, including under contract.

If you would like a quote a quote or further information, call 021 801 27 93 or write to

R.Beer SA
Route de Romanel 7
1121 Bremblens